Hidaradenitis Suppurativa. Areas of Involvement and Treatments

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Areas of involvement

HS patients (n=164, 121 females, 43 males) Female Male p (statistical significance)
Axillary 30 (70%) NS (not significant)
Mammary and inter-mammary 31 (26%) 2 (5%) 0.006
Inguino-femoral 111 (92%) 32 (74%) 0.007
Perianal and Perineal 40 (33%) 24 (56%) 0.01
Buttocks 30 (25%) 21 (50%) 0.006


Treatments may vary depending upon presentation and severity of the disease. Due to the poorly studied nature of this disease, the effectiveness of the drugs and therapies listed below is unclear, and patients should discuss all options with their physician or dermatologist. Nearly a quarter of patients state that nothing relieves their Continue reading

Hidradenitis Suppurativa Stages

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HS presents itself in three stages. Due to the large spectrum of clinical severity and the severe impact on quality of life, a reliable method for evaluating HS severity is needed.

Hurley’s staging system

This is historically the first classification system proposed, and is still in use for the classification of patients with skin/dermatologic diseases (i.e., psoriasis, HS, acne). Hurley separated patients into three groups based largely on the presence and extent of cicatrization and sinuses. It has been used as a basis for clinical trials in the past and is a useful basis to approach therapy for patients. These three stages are based on Hurley’s staging system, which is simple and relies on the subjective extent of the diseased tissue the patient has. Hurley’s three stages of hidradenitis suppurativa are as follows: Continue reading

How To Cure Hidradenitis Suppurativa With ‘Fast Hidradenitis Suppurativa Cure’ e-Book

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We’ll help you to learn how to cure hidradenitis suppurativa

fast hidradenitis suppurativa free pdfFast Hidradenitis Suppurativa Cure is an ebook that can provide you with facts and information that can support the people who are suffering from this disease and can help you to learn  how to cure hidradenitis suppurativa. The hidradenitis suppurativa treatment that is available from the book which can help the individuals from getting rid of this disease in a holistic manner.

The people who are suffering from this illness know in the better manner the difficulty of living with this ailment. The burning sensation, pulsating pain of the open wounds and inflamed skin are certain symptoms that are associated with this disease. The people who have this disease also suffer from open lesions and also recurrent leaking along with bad smell. It is impossible to lead a normal life once you get affected by this Continue reading