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Hidaradenitis Suppurativa. Areas of Involvement and Treatments

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Areas of involvement

HS patients (n=164, 121 females, 43 males)FemaleMalep (statistical significance)
Axillary30 (70%)NS (not significant)
Mammary and inter-mammary31 (26%)2 (5%)0.006
Inguino-femoral111 (92%)32 (74%)0.007
Perianal and Perineal40 (33%)24 (56%)0.01
Buttocks30 (25%)21 (50%)0.006


Treatments may vary depending on the template and the severity of the disease. Due to the poorly studied the nature of this disease, the effectiveness of drugs and therapies listed below is unclear, and patients should discuss all options with their doctor or dermatologist. Specify Almost a quarter of patients that nothing relieves their Continue reading